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Invitation to Tender

The Invitation To Tender is a cornerstone of your approach to the technology partners whose solutions you’re considering. It has to provide enough background to the project objectives, and strike a balance between detail of the outcomes the technology needs to enable against not being overly prescriptive of how it’s achieved.

Our experience means we know how to provide this with the right mix of context, substance and process, underpinning a successful outcome.

We have delivered over 60 projects to gather requirements and produce market ready tender documentation in the non-profit sector


Hart Square manage multiple projects of this type per year and have a huge amount of experience in exactly the work required.

We have a tried and tested method for conveying the organisation’s context and needs in a format which allows a partner to on-board the salient knowledge quickly, and understand how to respond to the tender opportunity.

Continuity and knowledge

Delivering a project of this nature requires a range of skills and experience and should be done by someone who has done this on multiple similar projects.


We continuously take feedback from clients and partners to refine the information presented, to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties during tendering.

Hart Square will deliver the following

  • An Invitation to Tender document which is able to used as part of a partner selection process
  • Validation and sign-off of the ITT document

  • Alignment with our client’s strategic aims and objectives for the procurement exercise, and clarity over which functional and non-functional aspects are most critical, and those which are aspirational/future-focussed

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