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Over the years we've built up deep expertise in a set of key services where we add the most value to our non-profit clients. We regularly review and evolve these, based on our continuing experiences, regular engagement with the sector, and our knowledge of the changing landscape in which we operate.

7 steps to digital change

Embarking on a digital transformation journey can feel like navigating a maze of uncertainties, with each stage often bringing up even more questions. Here are some of our answers to your digital change journey questions.

Business Case

When initiating a substantial digital programme it’s vital to build on solid foundations. We know how to build a compelling case for change.

Business Process Review

Taking the time to document your processes provides you with a valuable opportunity to assess them and build upon them.

Requirements Gathering

We adopt a collaborative and iterative approach to capturing your requirements in respect of what technology needs to enable you to do.

Invitation to Tender

The Invitation To Tender is a cornerstone of your approach to the technology partners whose solutions you’re considering.

Partner Selection

A lot of focus for new technology projects falls on the technology being chosen, but the partner you choose to work with is at least as important.

Change Management

Most of the technology projects we work on are part of a strategic programme designed to improve ways of working and to enhance services.

System Implementation 

Implementing new technology can be a minefield for non-profits. Our project delivery experience provides assurance of time, cost and value outcomes.

Business Process Assessment

To address process challenges at your organisation, it’s important to have a view of the processes you currently have in place.

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