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System Implementation 

The reputation which technology projects have as being sinkholes for budgets, littered with endless missed deadlines and under-delivered solutions is unfair but it is nevertheless true that the implementation of new technology solutions can be a minefield for non-profits to navigate.

Our consultants bring their deep experience of implementations and specialist knowledge of solutions to bear, providing the guidance and assurance which will give you the confidence, and support, to embark on what will always be a demanding project.

Hart Square have delivered over 50 technology implementation projects in the non-profit sector 


Delivering a project of this nature requires a range of skills and experience and should be undertaken by someone who has done this on multiple similar projects to avoid risk and add value. 

Hart Square manage multiple projects of this type each year and have a huge amount of experience in exactly the work required.  

Continuity and knowledge

Hart Square has a bank of valuable insight into project and client challenges and pressures having delivered over 50 technology implementation projects in the non-profit sector.

Because Hart Square is a practice rather than an individual, we can provide resilience and risk-reduction throughout the entire project


Hart Square are skilled at understanding and working with various forms of Technology Partner implementation methodologies, and are able to assess their alignment with a client’s culture and project team, and advise on risks and mitigations

Influence with technology partners

Hart Square is independent of any technology but have experience and strong working relations with many technology partners which means we quickly and effectively establish a common understanding of how to address issues within projects

Hart Square will deliver the following

  • Project services required to implement the new technology
  • Valuable knowledge in technology best practice in the non-profit sector 

  • Ensure the end solution is successful, through bringing in Hart Square’s knowledge and experience from other organisations and projects

  • Overall project management responsibility

  • Risk Management for the project by monitoring deliverables, timescales and budgets

  • Ensure the end solution is accepted and used by all staff by driving staff buy-in and engagement throughout the project

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