Supporting Epilepsy Action implement a new CRM

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  • Previous failed CRM implementation resulted in two different CRMs being used across the organisation, including legacy technology
  • Project fatigue across the organisation 
  • Lack of integrated systems creating a large manual workload 
  • Seeking to gain a better understanding of customer journeys


  • Successful replacement of two CRMs to one CRM, providing a single source of truth
  • Integrations with third party system will reduce manual workload
  • More advanced and better reporting capabilities

Key services

  • System implementation

Epilepsy Action is a national charity committed to supporting a better life for everyone affected by epilepsy. They provide services that include support, research and a public presence that make a huge difference to the 600,000 people in the UK living with epilepsy.

Epilepsy Action approached Hart Square in 2021 to undertake a strategic review following an unsuccessful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics. The initial project to replace their legacy technology began in 2017 and after 18 months, was only being used by one team within the organisation. As Jon Eaton, Communications and Digital Engagement Director at Epilepsy Action explains “Hart Square joined us at a particularly tricky time. Our existing project was grinding to a halt and people were frustrated.”

Hart Square initially supported Epilepsy Action in gathering requirements, creating an invitation to tender document and through a technology partner selection. Following this, Hart Square was appointed to project manage the delivery working in collaboration with the technology partner and stakeholders at Epilepsy action. “Hart Square helped us to recognise that what we were trying to do was achievable. We just needed a reset. The initial phases of planning and supplier selection reinvigorated our teams and generated momentum.” Jon explains.

Two CRMs become one

The system implementation project kicked off in January 2022 with the aim of going live in November 2022. One of the biggest challenges of the project was to replace the two CRMs that were in use – Progress CRM and Microsoft Dynamics (Clarence) – as the project sought to create one single source of data across the organisation. Ensuring that the data structures were understood and migrated into the new system was critical. It was crucial that as part of the discovery that the technology partner understood the data structure. To ensure this was achieved Hart Square facilitated discussion between they key product owners of the two systems as well as provide them with the necessary access to the databases.

“Hart Square joined us at a particularly tricky time. Our existing project was grinding to a halt and people were frustrated. They helped us to recognise that what we were trying to do was achievable and were positive and reassuring when we got to key milestones which gave us the confidence to press on.

Jon Eaton
Communications and Digital Engagement Director, Epilepsy Action

Overcoming project fatigue

Epilepsy Action had experience previous project failure which created project fatigue across the organisation. To help combat this, an essential part of Hart Square’s role was to provide leadership and visibility to all stakeholders throughout the project providing clarity on their roles as well as expectations. This included data migration testing, playbacks, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), training and in the run up to go live. Hart Square worked in partnership with the communications lead at Epilepsy Action to provide regular staff updates which were well received and had a positive impact throughout the project.

Successful go-live

The project successfully went live in November 2022 and will allow Epilepsy Action to enhance the charity’s capabilities to support their supporters with a new modern, data driven CRM. Hart Square provided Epilepsy Action with necessary external challenge, keeping the project on track in the difficult moments as well as holding all stakeholders to account to ensure the timelines and deadlines were met.

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