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Client story

Society of Engineers delivers CRM and CMS project

SOE is a Professional Engineering Institution and registered charity, and its members work to implement smarter ways of working, improve maintenance and inspection processes, and embed environmentally friendly and sustainable engineering practice.

With new objectives in mind, in 2018 SOE felt it needed a brand and content refresh for its website, as well as replace its website CMS (Content Management System) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. SOE had worked with Hart Square for some time and decided to bring them in on both projects

Key benefits

  • Expertise on CRM and CMS vendors
  • Management of vendor selection process
  • Solutions meet SOE’s deadlines and member growth objectives
  • SOE now has better membership personalisation and engagement
  • SOE members can take advantage of self-service
  • SOE on target to grow to 20,000 members

“Having Hart Square’s Project Assurance enabled us to deliver successfully on our goals to promote member self-service, ensure better online member engagement and grow our membership, especially in other sectors that we are not currently serving.”