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Client story

FTN puts trust in Hart Square to move to new CRM for organisational membership

FTN (now NHS Providers) is the membership organisation for NHS public provider trusts and currently has over 200 NHS organisations in membership.

FTN relied on a CRM system, Iris Integra – however, the system was not fully meeting its requirements. Hart Square undertook a phased approach to the project, starting with the gathering of requirements and eventually shortlisting alternative CRM systems. They facilitated meetings between FTN’s internal project team and the suppliers. FTN eventually selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Key benefits

  • Enabled smooth transition from Integra to MS Dynamics CRM
  • Underpinned CRM and other systems via the sourcing of a new IT provider
  • Migrated data and integrated with other systems
  • Ensured staff were trained on the new system to meet the needs of membership organisations.

“We wanted an independent review of not only the CRM software market, but also our own internal processes and how we could ensure they could be mapped within the new CRM. We also wanted a future-proof solution that would meet the future needs of our membership.”