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Client story

Hart Square helps CIBSE increase member engagement

Hart Square was asked to help bring all CIBSE’s publications online through a Knowledge Portal to deliver value and benefit to CIBSE’s members and stakeholders.

At the same time the portal also had to serve the functions of a bookshop, supporting sales of both CIBSE titles and a selection of other partnering publishers’ documents and, for the first time, the sale of electronic versions of CIBSE’s documents.

Key benefits

CIBSE’s Knowledge Portal enables the organisation to:

  • raise its profile within the engineering profession
  • share information and engage users
  • broaden its readership and reach a wider majority in the profession
  • retain and attract new local and international membership.

“When detailing the specifications for this project, Hart Square immediately recognised our vision to not only raise our profile within the engineering profession, but also lead in our use of technology.”