Unblock your technology and get the benefits you were expecting

You’ve invested a lot of time, money and energy in the technology you use every day, but you don’t seem to be achieving the return you’d hoped for when you made the investment?

Your ability to achieve your objectives doesn’t seem to have increased as expected since the systems went live?

Or maybe some time has now passed since you implemented your systems and they’re feeling tired, in danger of being outpaced by the rapid changes in technology?

On top of all this, implementation projects are hard.  You may well have been battle weary by the time of implementation, your relationship with the supplier may have suffered during the low points of the project, and ultimately the “go-live” became your goal instead of it being the start, the foundation on which you could build your new future.

The answer to these questions doesn’t necessarily lie in throwing it all away and starting again.  Replacing technology is an expensive and timely process and should not be taken lightly.  It’s entirely possible – and likely – that the technology you’ve got in place just needs a bit of a refresh, some TLC and attention, and potentially some enhancing.

At Hart Square, we are not tied to any technology solutions or providers, so we’re perfectly positioned to take an objective look at your existing technology and identify where you can get more out of it.

We understand where configuration gaps, poor data quality and lack of training are preventing you from achieving your business goals.

We provide clear recommendations and an actionable plan on where to invest energy in updating and enhancing your technology.  We then help you to focus on user adoption by identifying areas for training and support.

Of course the world is moving at an incredible pace and not all systems can keep up with this pace.  However, with the open interfaces available in modern solutions and a healthy ecosystem of add-ins, specialist best-of-breed apps and services, the options for enhancing and upskilling your current technology are better than you might expect.

“Hart Square has really enabled us to leverage our investment in our CRM system. The company obviously has a deep understanding of CRM and fundraising processes, and the CRM technology itself. ”

Client story

Hart Square’s experts enabled the Foundation to make better use of its CRM system to benefit members and stakeholder relationships.