Technology Audit


Aligning your information systems with your business objectives

With technology playing an ever-increasing role in how non-profit organisations achieve their business and operational objectives, reviewing the technology risks – as well as the opportunities – is absolutely vital.

The question to ask yourself is: “is our existing technology infrastructure really meeting our needs?”

Quite often that question arises when some event prompts a review of your technology infrastructure.  It might be a reduction in revenue; it might be a requirement to manage your service delivery more efficiently; or it might be that a new leader wants to drive new initiatives and do things in a new way.

Whatever the reasons, the decision relating to technology usually comes down to one of three options:

  1. do we stick with what we have?
  2. do we look at improving what we have?
  3. do we replace what we have?

There is a certain amount of inertia among non-profit organisations when it comes to technology change.  That’s perfectly understandable when you consider the number of technology options out there.  Finding a way through all of the hype and making sense of the information overload is very daunting.

This is where a Technology Audit comes into play – and this is where Hart Square is uniquely placed to help.  We understand the breadth of systems and solutions that need to be considered as part of your technology ecosystem.

We will look across all your systems, software and hardware and provide a detailed analysis of what’s working, what’s not, and what needs refreshing.  We will make recommendations on how your core business systems can help you to deliver your business objectives.

Because we are truly agnostic and not tied to any solutions or providers, we will help you make the right technology decisions for you.

“Hart Square documented all internal procedures for us, which was a valuable exercise in itself, but also key for any future development. They also provided practical support, such as troubleshooting and training, as well as continued guidance on the improvement and future phases of the portal.”

Client story

Hart Square helps CIBSE increase member engagement