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Effective training empowers your teams to do their best

You’ve invested substantial amounts of time and money to put in new technology and information systems, but it shouldn’t end there.

Your staff – the end-users of these systems – are crucial to the success of your technology project.  If they don’t understand how to make the systems work for them, how can you reap the benefits?

Based on our recent research study, training is one of the most important aspects of technology project success.  In fact, without it projects can fail.

At Hart Square, we craft and deliver excellent end-user training programmes.  We incorporate team, one-to-one and video training, built on our 15 years’ experience of CRM and related technologies.

We take a “needs’ analysis” approach to our training.  First, we assess your training needs, then we develop a customised programme of tailored courses that are relevant to your teams.

In developing tailored course content to suit specific business needs, we cater for your teams’ experience, skillsets and preferred ways of learning.  This ensures that they are up to speed as quickly as possible.

Our sessions are hands-on, classroom-style sessions.  We use your data and “real life” scenarios, based on your own business processes.  This is proven to increase engagement and user adoption.

All of our programmes are supported with easy to understand user guides and videos, appropriately targeted to different levels of users and modes of learning.

We also provide online training courses and resources.  Additionally, our specialists can make onsite calls to top-up skills and ensure your end-users continue to get the most out of your systems.

“We recognised Hart Square’s extensive training expertise and we wanted them to implement a programme of user training to enable all our staff to use the CRM effectively”

Client story

Hart Square’s CRM implementation and training helps IBC move its business forward