A fail-safe approach to selecting the right technology partner

The options available to non-profit organisations looking to refresh or replace some (or all) of their technology can be overwhelming to the untrained eye.

Technology providers have a lot to say about their solutions and they can be very convincing when describing the benefits of working with them.

At Hart Square, we invest a lot of time and effort in researching and evaluating the existing and emerging technologies that are available in the sector.  We stay up to date with advancements, both in terms of what the different solutions can technically deliver and also the offerings and approaches of the various solution providers.

We’re fiercely agnostic of any technology and any provider, whether that’s related to CRM solutions, CMS platforms, web agencies, email marketing solutions or learning management systems. There’s a wide variety of core systems to choose between and no specific solution is right for everyone.

We have developed our own well-honed selection process, which is fair, impartial and knowledge-based.

We take the time to understand and define your requirements.  By understanding what really matters to you – and what is unique to your business – we use a number of criteria to narrow down the field, then work with you to filter the most appropriate options for you to evaluate in detail.

We consider a range of soft and hard factors, from the in-built functionality a solution includes, to the technology stack it’s built on, to the characteristics and client base of the providers, and a lot more besides.  This enables you to make the best selections and stand by your decisions, which will prove invaluable during the implementation project and beyond.

Through all the stages of the selection process – from tenders to demonstrations and reference visits – we remove all the jargon and confusion and ensure the selection you make is the best cultural fit for your organisation and future-proofs your business.

“Hart Square turned their excellent review into an ITT document and solicited bids from a number of CRM vendors. They guided us through the responses, and using their expertise we narrowed the choice down to four vendors.”

Client story

Hart Square educates ASCL on the choice of a new CRM