Digital and Technology Strategy


Optimising your processes to improve service delivery

More so than ever, non-profit organisations are under increasing pressure to deliver more benefits and services.  You are expected to deliver consistent 24×7 experiences to your members and donors, which are comparable with the consumer experience. And you need to do this for the same, or reduced, costs.

All too easily, however, the business processes and technologies that are required to deliver these objectives can become outdated. At best, this might involve unnecessary tasks that waste time, effort and money. At worst, gaps in control or management information can allow problems to go unnoticed until they become critical.

Our approach starts with initially agreeing your strategic goals and key business areas.  We then work to understand the “current state” across your teams and entire organisation.

Using our well-established methodology, we pull together current processes, both within and across your different teams, then evaluate and analyse them holistically. This enables us to identify opportunities where amendments, enhancements, rationalisation and re-works can achieve significant improvements in quality, speed, service and cost.

Specifically, we identify and highlight where:

  • inconsistent internal processes deliver inconsistent external experiences
  • disconnected processes lead to ineffective or inefficient service delivery
  • improved information flows will lead to better, more timely decision making

We then work with you to improve or streamline your processes, to make some of them redundant if necessary and indeed, to implement new processes as appropriate, where they are expected to deliver most benefit.

We manage the change and measure the impact against the agreed objectives. This sort of in-depth, objective analysis can only be provided from someone outside your business “looking in”.

““Hart Square set out to ensure that the selected technology would support the existing processes, rather than the processes being ‘shoe-horned’ to fit in with the technology.”

Client story

Hart Square enables Public Health Dorset to achieve pathways to success