Business Case Preparation


Getting buy-in from the onset is vital to deliver a successful project

For non-profit organisations who need to stay relevant, be heard, be effective and deliver ever-greater benefits in this digital age, the scale of the strategic challenges you face can be daunting. In too many cases this can leave you not knowing where to start and therefore stagnant, unable to move forward.

Where should the focus be? Where will the greatest benefit be achieved from investment of precious funds in technology projects which are notoriously difficult to deliver?

With so much change to face up to, how do you protect and continue to deliver an evolving business-as-usual over the course of a 2 or 3 year change programme?

With our experience of helping hundreds of our non-profit clients address these issues, we’re ideally placed to understand your strategic objectives and formulate plans for how technology can best enable you to achieve them.

We will work with you to create a Business Case to explore the technology options, make recommendations and justify the investment.

This way, everyone involved is clear about the benefits, risks, resources, timescales and costs before you start. The Business Case will help you to align your Board and teams and get their buy-in from the onset. We give you an actionable – and realistic – roadmap so that you can deliver your project successfully, whilst sustaining business as usual.

Taking a holistic view of your organisation, challenges and aspirations, and armed with a completely impartial view of the technology offerings available, we help our clients embrace the digital age and build flexible, adaptive foundations for the years ahead.

“Hart Square was talking about CRM and CMS as business processes, rather than ICT projects. This struck a chord with us. What attracted us to Hart Square was this new way of thinking.”

Client story

Hart Square counsels BACP with Business Case Roadmap