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Our approach

When you work with us, you work with the whole team at Hart Square. Collaboration and knowledge sharing is embedded into our culture and is a key pillar to our success.

Our collaborative model

We work as a Practice. This means each of our clients are allocated a lead consultant who themselves are supported by a Project Sponsor.

The Project Sponsor is always available to offer additional insight and expertise throughout the project.

We understand the technology landscape

Understanding the technology options available is a pillar of our success and is an area we invest in heavily.

When we’re advising clients, we are calling on a wide pool of knowledge which is being continually researched, validated and augmented by the 200+ days our team spend working on client projects every month.

Shared knowledge and expertise

We have both formal and informal methods and processes in place to underpin knowledge sharing and the exchange of ideas.

Our PMO ensures lessons learnt from every project are captured and played back to the whole team. We dedicate time every month to bring the team together, share the latest developments, hot topics and successes.

Our clients therefore benefit from the experience and knowledge of the full team of consultants, not just of their own individual lead.

Client Success Stories

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