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GDPR Statement


oomi already has the functionality and the framework to support the key requirements of the GDPR and we are developing oomi further to incorporate any remaining requirements.

One of the key challenges organisations are facing is managing consent with respect to GDPR. oomi’s comprehensive consent management enables our clients to record the consent received for different types, channels or purposes e.g. Marketing, holding personal information, email and telephone etc. Any changes to the data is added in the Audit Log with the details of who made the change, when it was made, what was changed etc.

oomi enables clients to enable security on highly sensitive data, so it is only accessed or modified by relevant personnel within the organisation. Individuals will have the right to access their data from clients website connected to oomi’s consent management web service. Clients can also quickly and effectively respond to individual’s access requests using flexible report templates.

Later this year, we are releasing an update to oomi’s functionality allowing clients to mark and process individuals requests to be forgotten. This will allow the clients to remove all the data of the individuals expect which is required for legal purposes e.g. Donations, invoices etc.

Please contact imran@oomi.co.uk for further information on how can oomi help your organisation to become GDPR compliant.