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Why and when should a non-profit embark on a Business Process Review?

23 November, 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Venue: Zoom online


There’s no getting away from the fact that carrying out a business process review can be time intensive. So, should your non-profit spend the time carrying one out? Or is a Business Process Assessment more appropriate for your project?  

To answer the question about whether you should spend the time… Well, essentially yes. Every organisation can benefit from a business process review, even if you are not about to embark on a digital project.  

A business process review is an exercise to evaluate your current organisational processes. It will enable you to build knowledge and awareness of how your organisation carries out its day-to-day operations providing you with the insight to assess and identify ways in which to make them more effective and efficient.   

If you are carrying out a business process review in advance of a digital project, it is even more beneficial. A business process review can ultimately form the basis of everything you do in a digital project.  

Learning outcomes:  

  • Understand the difference between a Business Process Assessment and a Business Process Review. Which one is right for your organisation?  
  • Understand the best time to undertake a Business Process Review as part of a CRM or other digital project.  
  • Hear how carrying out a review can help you to identify ‘quick wins’ by establishing what can be addressed now, what needs to wait for new technology and what requires more strategic decision-making to bring improvements. 
  • From looking at the tools in use and the resources you have, through to communication between teams and departments, hear how to carry out a review and what it involves. 
  • Learn how understanding your business processes can provide your technology partners with an understanding of how you work. Hear how they may find opportunities for how their technology can help improve and streamline your process.   
  • Learn how to understand the benefits and value you want to get out of a review and the processes you want to prioritise – should you cover all your processes right now across the whole organisation or just in the areas where it will have most impact?  

Who is this for: Whether you’re responsible for strategy and governance, or IT, digital or marketing, we’ll take you through the considerations you need to think about when embarking on a review of your organisation’s business processes. Whether you’re looking to do this on an organisational level, or for a specific digital project, we’ll ensure you understand how to make the most of the benefits and value that are to be gained from carrying out such a review. 

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