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What happens when it rains – is moving to the cloud always a good thing?

26 July 2023

Is moving to the cloud safe, secure and a sensible business decision?

A lot of non-profits are still using on premise servers and systems or have a hybrid approach having adopted systems like SharePoint, G-Suite, Slack, Monday.com and Dropbox.

From our conversations with the sector, it’s clear that organisations are still looking at the best ways to move their information to the cloud. It does have considerable security benefits – From online systems and tools, to data centre operators and service providers who host servers, data, and infrastructure within them so you can access your data from anywhere.

There is never going to be a scenario in which your data is 100% safe in the cloud. However, by taking the time to assess your options, you will reduce your exposure and mitigate the risks to ensure it is a scalable solution for your organisation maximising the huge benefits that working in the cloud brings.

So, what are the main associated risks and benefits which non-profits should consider when considering this move?

Learning outcomes:

  • Hear the security benefits that moving to the cloud brings
  • What about the security around data centres, service providers and hosting operations? Are we more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and hackers?
  • Where do we get started with a risk mitigation plan to manage and track the risks? What should it cover?
  • Understand the benefits to ensuring any move to the cloud is scalable and manageable
  • Understand how to maximise the huge benefits that working in the cloud brings
  • Hear our advice and tips for moving your organisation to the cloud

Who is this for: If you’re interested in understanding just what it takes to move your non-profit to the cloud, this webinar is for you. Whether you work in IT, digital services, marketing or hold a leadership position, we’ll ensure you understand the risks, benefits, and other considerations to ensure you understand the task and the bigger picture.