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The office-less non-profit: managing remote working, collaboration, projects and virtual events

Managing remote working, collaboration, projects and even virtual events

Remote working and collaboration have become increasingly important over recent years, never more than now. It is simply more efficient to be able to carry out business through a variety of channels, depending on need and the type of task.  

The challenge 

Many organisations are struggling with where to start, what tools to use, how much will it cost and how to make remote working part of the culture of their organisations. 

In this online (of course!) interactive workshop we will examine the areas below and discuss what is modern best practice. We will hear from other workshop attendees on what is working for them, and what are the main challenges, whether technical cultural or budgetary. 

Effective home-working  

  • Tools and infrastructure required 
  • Policies and rules  
  • Measurement and expectations-setting  
  • Tackling isolation 

Collaboration and project / task management  

  • What does remote collaboration and project / task management look like? 
  • Tools available (free and costed)  
  • Horses-for-courses – which tools for which challenges? 

Document and knowledge-sharing  

  • What is document and knowledge sharing? 
  • What is best practice and how do I get started? 
  • Tools available (free and costed)  

Virtual events  

  • Virtual events Vs virtual meetings  
  • Can I run large scale events and exhibitions virtually? 
  • What tools and apps are available at what cost? 

Who should attend? 

This workshop is for employees of non-profits interested in the strategic and practical implications of remote working and collaboration.