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The highs and lows of sorting your data – Extracting the true value

13 September, 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Venue: Zoom online


The key to better decision making is data – why is it so important?  

In today’s data-driven world, non-profits must be able to collect, manage, and analyse data effectively to achieve their goals and make the most of their resources. However, the process of identifying your data sources, then sorting and managing your data to unlock data-driven insights is no small challenge.   

When embarking on a digital project, you could break this down into three stages – understanding where your data is, getting it sorted, and then using it. But in reality, it is much more complex than this and involves many stages and processes to get to the stage where your non-profit truly understands how to use your data in the most meaningful way.  

From understanding about good data governance and the benefits of a data strategy, to the practical steps of collating and analysing your data sources and migrating your data. There are many benefits and value to be gained from carrying out a data project – What is the power of good data vs the consequences of bad data? 

Learning outcomes:  

  • Hear how best to collate and analyse your organisation-wide data sources, and what the next steps are.  
  • Learn what data governance means, and on a practical level how it differs from data management.  
  • Hear where to start with putting together a well-designed data strategy so that it is your guiding plan to making data-driven decisions, measuring the impact of your programmes, and communicating results to stakeholders. What questions should it cover?   
  • Learn whether after sorting out your data, it means you need new tech to manage and get the best out of it.  
  • Hear how to ensure a smooth data migration process and the key steps – when should you be thinking about data and migration, how do you get the most benefit from this stage, and what is the challenge of hidden spreadsheets!  
  • Learn about the importance of resourcing a data project including managing communication and the change process during the migration stage. 
  • Hear key considerations to maintaining data integrity so that the data collected, maintained, and used is done in the right way to transform how your non-profit operates for the better.  

Who is this for: Whether you work in IT, marketing, membership, or governance, if you’re responsible for your non-profit’s data including how to identify what you have, what to do with it, and how to store and manage it, don’t miss this webinar


Joyce Harmon
Senior Client Relationship Manager
Hart Square

Billy Peat
Senior Business Change Consultant
Hart Square

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