Joyce Harmon and Alan Perestrello from the Hart Square team attended the Digital Excellence Conference on 16th May 2024 in London. Reflecting on the day, Joyce shares with us some of the highlights as well as the common themes that emerged when talking with delegates.  

As everyone who’s been knows, the Digital Excellence Conference is a fantastic opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing. The year’s event was no exception, bustling with activity, providing a lively atmosphere for myself and Alan to catch up with current and prospective clients and, in many cases, meet them face-to-face for the first time! 

It was our first exhibition since Hart Square became an independent organisation again. We marked the occasion with a new stand and some new giveaways including Hart Square branded chocolates and handy charger accessories. These giveaways proved to be a hit among the crowd – who doesn’t love free chocolates? 

As well as chat about chocolates… we had lots of people visiting the Hart Square stand to talk through the different stages of their transformation journeys. What I found especially interesting was that, despite their varied experiences, a common theme emerged: many were uncertain about how to initiate changes within their organisations. 

Another prominent topic of discussion throughout the day was of course artificial intelligence (AI). However, it is clear that while there is a strong curiosity about AI, there is also widespread uncertainty regarding its practical applications and potential benefits. This indicates a need for more clarity around how AI can be effectively utilised – something which we are planning to explore in our upcoming webinar series. 

To ensure we stay informed of the latest advancements in AI and emerging technologies, particularly their applications within the membership sector, we caught up with lots of technology partners who were exhibiting at the event. It was fantastic to not only reconnect with familiar faces but also to learn about what they are currently focusing on, what they are seeing in the sector and the innovative solutions they have for the membership sector.  

Overall, the Memberwise Digital Excellence Event was a resounding success, marked by meaningful interactions, and valuable insights into how we can continue to help amazing organisations achieve remarkable things.  

Joyce Harmon

Head of Client Services, Hart Square
+44 (0) 203 468 8767