We fill a lot of roles in projects for our clients, but our core disciplines are project management and business analysis. We often get asked, so what does a Project Manager do all day then? Well….

They spin!

They spin around like a disco ball. Relentlessly and tirelessly spinning plans, issues, risks, resources, stakeholders and priorities. Full of energy, a project manager sees round the corner and several steps ahead. Plan A highly risky? Here is Plan B and we can spin up Plan C if needed.

Like the hundreds of facets of a disco ball, a PM manages the detail within their sphere – plans, RAID logs, status reports, budgets, resources, board papers, agendas, notes and more. The multitude of issues that need unblocking in order to drive a project forward – a project manager never loses sight of those.

From hundreds of small shiny elements comes the whole sphere of a disco ball and the bigger picture of a project. Like a disco ball firmly attached to the ceiling, a project manager is strongly aligned with the original business case at all times.

They understand the vision and purpose for the project clearly, ensuring nobody on the project loses focus or forgets it either.

Like a disco ball, reflecting the light from everything around them, a PM does not act in isolation, happily and tirelessly communicating with their team in order to facilitate decisions and find solutions. Good communication means different things to different people and a project manager adapts their approach with subject matter experts, techies or board members – Zoom or MS Teams, emails or calls, video on or video off, or sometimes perhaps only a face-to-face meeting can work.

Adding a sparkle to everything around them, a project manager drives change as part of the project. No amount of excellent project documentation or planning alone can deliver a successful project with lasting impact. A project manager needs to have enough sparkle to get buy in from their team and win hearts and minds of the people around them to drive the change required to succeed.

Relentless energy, seeing the bigger picture, whilst keeping an eye on the detail, clear and flexible communication to drive the change, a project manager undoubtedly brings a lot to the party!


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