We have spent almost 12 years dedicated to the non-profit sector and this year we wanted to find new ways to share the range of valuable insights we have gathered over this time.

As well as sharing our thoughts and perspectives about the current and future digital challenges existing in the non-profit sector, we wanted you to get to know us a bit better. We thought what better way than creating a podcast! And so, the Hart Square Podcast was born.

We have just finished our first series of 6 episodes where Rob Dobell, Managing Director of Hart Square, and I, discussed a range of topics with our team, across the themes of Digital, Leadership, Culture, and Capability. We covered the importance of research when selecting new CRM technology, what does digital transformation really mean for a non-profit and how to build a successful project team, just to name a few.

We really enjoyed putting together our first podcast series and it seems you have too with the positive feedback we have been receiving! So, you will be pleased to hear that we are now planning ahead to series two which will be published every 2 weeks from September 2021.

Whilst we look forward to series two, now is your chance to let us know what topics or guests you would like to hear from. Let us know by sending us a message on Twitter, Linkedin or by sending us an email to marketing@hartsquare.co.uk 

Whilst you eagerly anticipate series two, don’t forget series one is available on your usual podcast provider or by clicking the links below.

Listen now to The Hart Square Podcast 

We look forward to seeing you on the next episode!

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