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Modern education delivery for membership bodies

Membership and education – what does “good” look like?

Our research shows that members and students are demanding more personalised and streamlined service than many professional bodies and educating bodies can deliver.

The expectations gap is often caused by a combination of older systems that have fallen behind and organisational challenges in agreeing what investments are required, and at what cost.

At this webinar we set out to answer the questions below

  • What does modern education delivery for membership bodies look like? What should I be aiming for?
  • What are practical, real-world examples of achievable best practice?
  • My data is split across lots of systems – where do I start?
  • So, given all of that, how to meet the expectations of my students and members?
Jackie Martin
Head of Education and Lifelong Learning
Association for Project Management
Sally Gosling
Head Director of Education
The College of Optometrists
Sukhjit Grewal
Director of Professional Development and Membership
Chartered Institute of Public Relations