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Is your CPD programme a membership magnet?

Supported by Meta Capability and featuring special guest speaker, Kate Cooper, Head of Research, Policy & Standards, The Institute of Leadership and Management

Membership Bodies have all the potential and ingredients to be a magnet for learning. See why digital CPD and personalised learning can increase member value and transform engagement.

We can help by showing you:

  • Why a compelling mobile CPD learning experience is important and can make a huge difference to you and your members
  • How to pull members into your website rather than push content at them
  • How to use the invaluable assets you already have in this process
  • What the most important steps are to creating an engaging user experience
  • The impact great learning experiences make to increasing members and membership value
  • How to create new revenue streams from CPD platforms

We encourage you to watch if:

  • Your Membership Body is struggling with engagement and retention
  • You want to add further value to membership
  • You want to develop your CPD offering

There’s so much content in the world, but finding quality content when we want to learn and develop is often hard and time consuming.

This is an unhelpful barrier at a time when more people are working virtually and many are keen to expand their knowledge and capabilities. Having a great CPD platform could provide a valuable and welcome service at this time.

However, many Membership Bodies are working with clunky CPD platforms that push a lot of content to their members but often in an unstructured manner. This means that their members are more likely to give up than give new learning a go.

A shame, and especially when you consider that people have just 24 minutes outside of their normal busy working week to learn something new (Research by Josh Bersin from Deloitte).

It is the same in the Corporate world where most of your members work, Learning Management Systems (LMS) have become a dumping ground of huge content libraries that are difficult to navigate. So, to do personal learning most learners are looking for alternative ways to learn, but struggle to find quality content.

The bottom line is that people want to learn, especially the younger generation. But it just takes too long to find quality digital content and most CPD Solutions don’t cut the mustard.

This is where the Membership world could take a strong lead.

Kate Cooper
Head of Research, Policy & Standards
The Institute of Leadership and Management
Russel Ward,
Co-Founder and Director
Meta Capability
Byron Ward
Co-Founder and Director
Meta Capability