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Delivering a successful project – could you be a bad or “unready” customer?

Too many projects in the NFP Sector deliver poor outcomes, resulting in budget overrun and a high degree of stress. It’s traditional to blame technology providers for the problems but research carried out by Hart Square makes it very clear that the client has a key role to play in the success or failure of their own project.

In this webinar we begin with an interview with a non-profit leader that has completed the journey. We then examine what you can do to make sure you are set-up for success by exploring:

  • The role of the senior management team in supporting and driving the project
  • How ready is your organisation for change, irrespective of technology choices?
  • What steps can I take before selecting technology partners to ensure success?
  • How do I choose my governance and project management team? What skills and time capacity are required?
  • How to manage supplier relationships to build trust and agree performance levels?
  • How to avoid / salvage a poor relationship with your suppliers or internal stakeholder.
Debbie Dore
Chief Executive
Association for Project Management