Data Webinar Series

Focusing on a critical element of any system replacement, our four part series on Data sets out the options, challenges and approaches you need to consider at any stage of your system lifespan.

Each part of the series delves into the data-related aspects of Charity & Membership Management system replacement, ensuring that attendees come away with a better understanding of the value of data, how to work with it and how to make the most of it.

View and register for each webinar in the series by navigating through the tabs below.

Data Landscape & Strategy: Crafting Your Data Strategy to ensure you maximise your data assets

4th June 2024  | 9:30 – 10:30  | Online

Establish the importance of a data strategy before diving into CRM system replacement.

The first in a series of four webinars, this session illustrates the importance data plays in your overall transformation strategy, what your various options are and what good governance looks like.

We are joined by a client, Enrico Tizzano, Chief Transformation Officer, Brooke and their technology partners, m-hance.

Topics we will be covering:

  • The significance of data in the NFP sector
  • Developing a data strategy aligned with organisational goals
  • Understanding data ecosystems:
  • Architectures, Integration, flow, management & reporting
  • Data governance and stewardship in NFPs
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Data Quality & Management: Understanding data integrity to ensure success

11th July 2024  | 9:30 – 10:30  | Online

The second in a series of four webinars, this session focuses on the value of quality data, evaluating the quality of your data and what approaches you can take to improve it.

Topics we will be covering:

  • The critical role of data quality and management in the success of new system
  • Assessing data quality: Tools and techniques
  • Data cleaning and deduplication processes
  • Establishing robust data management practices
  • Data security and compliance in the NFP sector
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Data Migration & Integration: Getting it right at the critical stage

26th September 2024  | 9:30 – 10:30  | Online

The third in our four part series on Data, this session provides insights into the complexities of data migration and the importance of getting it right. Topics we will cover in this session:

  • Planning for data migration: Challenges and Solutions
  • Ensuring data integrity during migration
  • Integration strategies for disparate data sources
  • Integration vs Reporting
  • Testing and validation of migrated data
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Leveraging Data for Impact: How to optimise your data to maximise benefits

22nd October 2024  | 9:30 – 10:30  | Online

The final session in our four part series on Data, we explore and demonstrate how way you can leverage analytics and reporting to drive decision-making and impact.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to data analytics in the NFP sector
  • Building a data reporting framework
  • Utilising data for predictive analytics and trend analysis
  • Case studies: Data-driven success stories in NFPs
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