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Creating versatile video content to target a younger and more diverse audience

Now more than ever, due to Millennial and Gen Z consumption rates of an on-demand visual culture, marketing has become increasingly driven towards video. The need for organisations to create more visual and instantly engaging interactive content is key in reaching audiences who often embrace video as their go-to platform.

Video has thus become an essential content channel in order to increase conversion rates, through website engagement and in reaching out to recruit younger and more diverse member demographics.

This webinar will demonstrate how key organisations are getting value out of video, both in the design of new content which can be disseminated across several channels, and through repurposing existing content into video and other channels. Your quality content is valuable and shouldn’t be discarded like a single use plastic to the confines of a blog graveyard…

Century One’s Director of Video Content, Jevan Chowdhury will be present to talk about his first-hand experiences, answer your questions and provide suggestions on how to go about making video part of your content strategy. He comes to the table with a plethora of experience, having created diverse and inspiring video for international organisations, governments and cultural institutions.

Who should attend?

This webinar is for senior marketing and communications professionals of non-profits.

Learning outcomes

Case Studies: Learn how the big industry players are making content items work for them across multiple channels to reach and engage audiences.

We will demonstrate how your organisation can do this too, by taking a short video exert and illustrating its value by deconstructing and disseminating it across channels.

Find out how to synchronise your editorial and organisational strategy to effectively re-purpose content across your calendar.

Jevan Chowdhury
Director of Video Content
Century One