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Can professional development be an agent of economic recovery?

People today are having to make especially tough decisions about how they spend their money.

The result for many professional membership organisations is that they are now struggling to retain and attract members. But perhaps a shift of focus can reverse this trend?

With economic upheaval, people are looking for new careers, a change of industry or a way to differentiate themselves as professionals. If an organisation could offer a truly intuitive, recognised and comprehensive professional development path, then increasing workplace competition might now make membership better value than ever.

This strategy could also help professional bodies to minimise financial risk and take their place as agents of economic recovery.

This webinar is aimed at professional membership and awarding bodies who need to retain and attract members in a challenging economic climate.

Learning Outcomes

In this session, Protech will outline a best practice playbook of actionable strategies showing:

1. How to seamlessly link membership subscriptions and professional development while simplifying every process that connects them

2. Why realigning your digital products can create a portfolio of services that delivers tangible value to members and supports their personal career objectives

3. How to make the right technology decisions to retain control and eliminate wasteful duplication as your organisation extends its reach

Steve Shiels
Head Of Sales and Marketing