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Are you using the right technology to support your members’ career journeys?

8 December 2022

Your membership body is a single meeting point for your members and communities to come together to drive their education, debate, and learning.  

As your members’ relationships develop and grow with your organisation, you’ve no doubt given much through to the journey they take with you. From student member, early career, senior professional, retirees and all the other stages in between, every stage of their career requires you to support their needs and expectations to achieve professional success. It’s much more than just categorising your members, when did you last review them and how are you helping them move from one stage to the next? 

However, are you also considering how your choice of technology and digital tools can deliver career development services, and ultimately, enable you to be the go-to membership body?  

Learning outcomes: 

  • How CRM and web technologies can enable you to tailor your services to members depending on their career stage 
  • How CPD schemes help cement career-long relationships 
  • The value of a member journey map and how to build one 
  • The importance of supporting members career development paths 
  • How to offer lifelong learning and not simply basic membership 
  • How to harness digital technologies and tools to engage with your members 

Who is this for: For professional membership organisations and awarding bodies who are facing the challenges of using digital technologies to support their members throughout their career. 


Russell Ward
Co-Founder and Director
Meta Capability