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    Hart Square’s GDPR White Paper for Non-Profits

    GDPR compliance is mandatory from 25th May 2018

    Building on current Data Protection legislation, GDPR is designed to bring the regulations up to date and ensure they’re fit-for-purpose in a digital economy.

    Its introduction will increase the requirements placed on organisations to properly manage the personal information they process, increase individuals’ rights to privacy, and increase the penalties which can be issued where non-compliance is found.

    At Hart Square we work exclusively within the non-profit sector and we know the impact this could have on our clients and across the sector. It’s not all doom and gloom though, there’s work to be done before May 25th 2018 but that work should have a host of positive outcomes.

    Our White Paper is intended to summarise our approach to the challenge created by the introduction of GDPR and to the opportunity it presents charities, membership bodies and all non-profits.

    Download it, have a read, then get in touch to tell us what you think!