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GDPR Statement


Felinesoft is aware of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and what this may entail as an information systems supplier.  We recognise that this regulation is being put in place to ensure that data controllers and/or processors are fully transparent with respect to the usage, retention, processing, sharing and deletion of personal data collected on electronic systems.

In order to comply with this regulation Felinesoft will provide functionality to, where applicable:

  1. Clearly inform system users how and for what purpose the data will be collected, including how it may be shared;
  2. Ensure that users specifically opt-in to agree to the specified purposes;
  3. Ensure that users can request that their personal can be deleted off the system, and;
  4. Ensure that the system itself has a means of securely deleting (not archiving) the relevant data

Felinesoft are additionally putting plans in place to ensure that the solutions delivered can hold a full audit trail of consent given / taken away, and also to enable clients to easily respond to a Subject Access Request.

We will be consistently auditing our data and procedures to ensure confidence and transparency between us and our clients. However, we also encourage our clients to educate themselves on the new GDPR standards as doing nothing is not an option.

Organisations must evaluate whether your existing and/or practices and procedures meet GDPR standards and then plan how you will address any shortcomings. This must be done in relation to any personal data you process or hold, whether on behalf of clients or your business.

For further information on how GDPR applies to you then regularly check the ICO’s Data Protection Reform website – https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/data-protection-reform