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We Answer Your Digital Change Journey Questions

Navigating Your Digital Change Journey

Embarking on a digital transformation journey can be challenging. It can feel like navigating a maze of uncertainties, with each stage often bringing up even more questions. Here are some of our answers to your digital change journey questions.

1. Where or how do you start a digital project?

You need to understand your technology needs.

We leverage our 15+ years of experience and data in NFP technology change to help you understand your needs and options, setting the foundations on which you can build on.

2. How much time and budget should a technology change project cost? 

You should define a compelling business case to secure budget and commitment.

We assess the various options available and help you develop the business case to secure the budget, commitment and support you need to make it a success.

3. How do you define your technology requirements in a meaningful way? 

Prioritise the needs of your organisation when gathering requirements.

We’ll consolidate and prioritise the needs of your organisation. This will ensure your tender accurately and clearly reflects your requirements and attracts the most suitable technology partners. We also make it easy for the potential partners to put forward their solutions in clear and comparable way, saving you time and making it easier to identify the right partner.

4. How do you choose the right technologies and partners? 

You need a highly engaged and impartial partner selection process.

We’ll support you with a highly engaged process, all the tools and data you need to make  an informed decision based on your needs and resources, utilising an experience led approach.

5. How can you manage a technology project if you don’t have the resources or skills in house? 

Engage with an experienced project manager to lead your implementation.

We’ll be your project manager to provide best-practice approach, and support structures. We can also augment your teams with specialists in testing, training and documentation. 

6. How do you make changes effective, when current processes are inefficient?

You should evaluate your existing processes and assess their impacts.

We’ll assess and document your current processes, their impact and identify any gaps. We’ll then make recommendations to improve them, working with technology partners to make them relevant and achievable.

7. How do we ensure our new product is going to deliver on our aims?

You need a continuous improvement approach.

We’ll help you ensure that your technology investment delivers on your strategic aims and delivers ongoing value through a continuous improvement approach. 

Need to manage a tech project but not a project manager?

Whether you’re thinking of running a project and want to avoid common pitfalls, or you’re an experienced project manager looking to refine your strategies to lead your team to success, join our upcoming webinar where we will share essential strategies for managing project resources as well as the essential project roles you need.

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