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CRM Strategy: Vision

One clear distinction between tactical, operational planning and the development of a Strategy is to be found within the need for a Strategy to contain a Vision. The Vision lifts you from the tactical to the strategic and is driven by what you want to accomplish.

Vision speaks to what an organisation wants to become, where it’s aspirations lie and it needs to meets various standards. As Miller & Dess stated, a Vision is defined as a “category of intentions that are broad, all-inclusive and forward thinking”.

It has to be challenging and ambitious enough to be inspirational, to take you above daily and operational issues, and to reveal a true determination to shape the essential characteristics of your organisation

It has to be realistic enough to offer a genuine prospect of success, flexible enough to not be undermined by slow progress or early shortfalls.

It has to be tangible enough to be able to be achieved and updated in the future, but it has to be future-proofed enough to expect to have a life expectancy of five years or more.

It has to be optimistic to paint a picture of a successful future

As shown above, Strategic Vision is a statement of purpose, which provides guidance and inspiration to staff, members, supporters and everyone involved. It sets a tone for them to understand the importance of the strategy and provides an ambition for them to buy in to.

In action, the Vision sets a marker for activities to be related to and for success to be measured against.

The Vision itself demonstrates executive commitment to a particular direction, and can therefore be used to develop momentum for change. Where tactics and plans may have more obvious tangible outcomes, the inclusion of Vision within a CRM Strategy is key to elevating the perception of what you’re setting out to achieve.