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CRM Strategy: Planning

It may sound obvious but a key component of a CRM strategy is that it needs a healthy dose of planning to enable it to be successful. For sure, tactical projects also require a degree of planning to deliver but when it comes to putting together a CRM Strategy planning becomes vital. Horizons are extended, everything is in play, and scope is widened.

There’s a real danger that the strategy can be too adventurous and thus stagnate as soon as it’s finalised, become a weighty paper in a drawer somewhere when it needs to be a digestible statement of intent which is referred to routinely.

A successful CRM Strategy does need to incorporate all manner of considerations and aspects, and it needs a sense of grand vision, but it also needs to be real enough to be deliverable. With the speed of change we all experience these days it’s hard to imagine a strategy which can look beyond 3 years with any degree of certainty so we have to ensure that while the objectives are clearly defined, the means by which to achieve them are less specific.

Within the strategy therefore we need to break down the overall programme of work into a series of projects and deliverables. These should be varied, but from processes to people to technology, culture and communications it’s imperative to pull them together, to sequence them and to create an actionable roadmap.

Each of those elements can then be planned in the context of all components within the strategy.