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CRM Strategy: People

No matter what approach you take to CRM and a strategy around it, it’s clear that people are at the very heart of it. CRM is about relationships between people and strategy is defined, designed and executed by people. Not always the same people but people nonetheless.

Even now with artificial intelligence and machine learning at the top of many agendas, for us and our not-for-profit clients, technology is at its best when it’s combined with humans.

When it comes to creating a CRM strategy it’s vital that the people who put it together invest in stepping out of their current role to consider their organisation as a whole, what it wants to achieve and who will be the measure of its success.

For our not-for-profit clients, the absolute focus of their work is on members, supporters, donors, students, visitors and beneficiaries. Whilst their CRM strategy may be centred on how their organisation can develop lasting relationships with these audiences, it comes down to how to create a connection between people.

Having developed a strategy, it is then down to people to implement it. In all probability, there will be an element of improved use of technology. That may be about getting more from current systems, implementing new solutions, or just connecting the existing ones, again it comes back to technology enabling people to do different things or to do things differently.

One of the mantras of digital transformation within not-for-profits is, or should be, “automate the information to make time for the conversation” because we know that to be at its best an organisation deploys technology to support people, to enable them to be their best, to give them time to have human interactions with other people.

As I read elsewhere recently, people are not only the cause of many of the problems we face, we are most certainly the likely candidates to provide the solutions.

If our pie was a homemade bake then people would be the filling, at the very centre.