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CRM Strategy: Communication

For a CRM Strategy to succeed it takes a lot of people to have a clear understanding of the strategy, its purpose and their role in delivering it. Being able to clearly communicate the strategy itself to a wide range of audiences plays a significant role in the strategy’s success.

The strategy will need to be communicatied in person, to large groups, to small teams and to specific individuals. It will also need to be shared in writing, probably in long-form for those who need to see substance and detail, by email to those who want to see headlines and summaries, and then potentially via a number of different digital channels.

With this challenge to face it’s appropriate to use specialists to put in place a full communications plan, to develop clear and specific messaging for each audience and each channel, and potentially for each strand of the strategy. This will help to ensure that the core messages are agreed and prioritised in a consistent manner, and that more detailed information is available to support all of the headlines and themes used across the piece.

The final point to remember is that communication in terms of a CRM Strategy is not about a one-way transmission of ideas and actions, it needs to be bi-directional; those defining and describing the strategy have to be receptive to every comment, challenge, critique and piece of feedback available to them. Every response, whether positive or negative, is valuable; what’s more it needs to be seen to be valued, and this is delivered by responding to it, publicly, so that at a minimum everyone who heard or was party to the feedback gets to hear and see the response.

Achieving this level of two-way communiction will underpin buy-in and support from everyone who has a part to play in successful delivery of the strategy, and from a lot of other people too!