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10 Reasons Why CRM is a must for Future Growth

The importance of a CRM system cannot be overstated. According to a recent study, by 2024, the global Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market will be worth $43.5 billion. CRM allows businesses to build relationships with their customers, resulting in higher customer loyalty and retention. Customer loyalty and retention are both attributes that affect a company’s […]

How to determine the ROI of CRM Implementation

According to Nucleus Research, every dollar spent on CRM implementation generates an $8.71 return on investment in sales revenue.   Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a set of tools and technology to better manage all your company’s relationships and interactions with clients, and potential customers. To grow and scale your business, having a CRM solution is extremely crucial […]

Top 7 CRM Trends to Look for in 2021

Today, providing the best products and services is just not enough. Building meaningful relationships with customers to foster loyalty and retention is equally important. Customer Relationship Management plays a pivotal role for each and every business, and staying ahead of CRM trends can provide you with a competitive advantage. In the past few years, the […]