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chase25 – The Verdict! Guest Post by Michael Hoare

Michael Webb established the Charities and Associations Exhibition, known thereafter as CHASE in 1991, and kept it going for an astonishing 24 years! Earlier this year Glenda Parker, of Hart Square, gathered a ‘coalition of the willing’ in London to re-launch it for its 25th anniversary. The result – from a standing start in January […]

12 reasons CRM projects succeed – part 2

Part 2: OBJECTIVES. How do you know you’ve succeeded, if you don’t know what success looks like? Maybe this is to help define failure, hopefully it’s to help recognise success, but either way it is vital to be clear about why you’re investing in this project, what you intend to achieve by implementing the new […]

12 reasons CRM projects succeed – part 1

There are studies, statistics, articles, reviews and infographics galore to tell us how many projects / IT projects / CRM projects fail every year. They may not all agree on the actual numbers, but the accepted narrative is certainly that a large number of projects undertaken by businesses of all shapes and sizes fail. What’s […]

Don’t panic! Here’s the good news about GDPR for non-profits

The self-proclaimed experts, fuelled by the press hype, have created a climate of fear around the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force on 25th May 2018. While not-for-profits, including charities and membership associations, need to take the new regulations on handling personal data very seriously, there is absolutely no reason […]

Guide to Dynamics for Charities

For any charity, any non-profit, and maybe any organisation in any sector who are reviewing their choice of CRM technology, there is almost an obligation to at least consider Microsoft Dynamics on account of it’s profile. In the non-profit sector we’ve seen Dynamics providers delviering solutions to membership bodies for some years, and more recently […]

Pythagoras GDPR Readiness Statement

Pythagoras are already building and deploying GDPR ready solutions in partnership with our clients. Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365 contain many ‘out of the box’ features to support GDPR. Features such as Security Roles, Privileges, Field Level Security, and Access Teams can all help to ensure that organisations are GDPR compliant ready for May […]

Cantata GDPR Readiness Statement

Cantata has a wide variety of experience with GDPR across a range of our clients; we have been working with the issue since it first emerged as a legislative idea. It presents both a challenge, of course, but also an opportunity to establish a clearer and closer connection with all of your customers. It is […]

CRM Strategy: People

No matter what approach you take to CRM and a strategy around it, it’s clear that people are at the very heart of it. CRM is about relationships between people and strategy is defined, designed and executed by people. Not always the same people but people nonetheless. Even now with artificial intelligence and machine learning […]