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People, process and technology: leaving the legacy behind

Escape from the legacy association software cycle! Non-profit organisations and NGOs are under served by legacy vendors and they should have the right to buy effective software that runs both in non-profits and for profits, says Paul Lundy, President and Co-Founder of Fonteva, which provides an association management solution built on the Salesforce platform. Speaking […]

Rising to the challenge of Industry 4.0

Preparing for tomorrow, today The pace, scale and impact of Industry 4 is like nothing we have ever seen before – the first human tissue has been 3D printed in Tel-Aviv, quantum computing is a reality, routine tasks are already being performed by algorithms – and the technology associated with Industry 4 will transform how […]

Non-profits using their data for optimised decision-making

Analytics: Key to finding your missing link From enabling Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) to help more sick children, to assisting colleges to identify and support students who may be struggling and therefore reduce attrition, Einstein Analytics has allowed these organisations to use utilise their data to improve and enhance their decision-making processes. At TechSmart […]

Powering the vision at Twins Trust

Congratulations – it’s a rebrand! A rebrand, Dynamics CRM implementation and a new website, all within nine months – this was the vision of Twins Trust, and was achieved with the commitment, partnership and hard work of both the organisation and Bluelight CRM, who shared their journey with delegates at TechSmart 2019. A UK-wide charity, […]

Transforming the Lawn Tennis Association

LTA: At the top of its game What do you do with an ageing infrastructure which is becoming more unreliable and less able to cope with the demands of running major international tennis tournaments and unable to support members and increase revenue? Simple, you undertake a strategic transformation and that’s exactly what the Lawn Tennis […]

Christians Against Poverty utilising Gift Aid to make impact

Why wouldn’t you? “Why wouldn’t you do all you can as a charity or non-profit organisation to make the most of Gift Aid?” asked Dan Kingsley, Head of Fundraising Operations, Christians Against Poverty (CAP) at the recent TechSmart event in London, “it is a huge bonus and it’s just not being talked about.” Gift Aid […]

In conversation with … Jamie de Sousa, Silver Softworks

Silver Softworks have good experience and strong credentials as a Salesforce system implementer working with private sector customers, so why are you looking to work more within the third sector? We want to provide that experience to more third sector organisations so that they can benefit from the direct experience we already have in Lead […]

12 reasons CRM projects succeed – part 4

So now we have a well-planned project with clear objectives and a sound approach, we’ve worked out what we’re looking to deliver and how it will benefit all of our stakeholders, and we get to the phase where we start to look at a range of technologies and to get feted by suppliers whose solutions […]

12 reasons CRM projects succeed – part 3

When considering how to minimise the risk of a CRM project failing a lot of copy is published arguing about the best approach in terms of project management methodology. Adherents to Prince II will argue that it is the only way to guarantee successful delivery, whilst Agile practitioners are equally certain that their “new” way […]