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The Hart Square Podcast

At Hart Square, we spend 2,500 days a year helping non-profit organisations maximise the opportunities of the digital age, to the benefit of their supporters, beneficiaries, members, and donors.   With the wealth of experience we have gathered, we wanted to share our insights into the reoccurring topics and challenges we’ve identified by working with those embarking on their digital transformation journey.   We also wanted […]

10 key tips when you’re selecting new technology

Selecting new technology is never easy, but it’s something we’ve guided hundreds of clients through successfully. From the wealth of knowledge we have gathered, here are some of our tips on how to get the best out of the process: Prepare for the selection process Agree a set of key decision-making criteria prior to circulation of […]

Top tips for an effective partner selection process

Selecting the right technology partner can be a tricky process. The ultimate success of your implementation project can often rest on how well you work with your tech partner, how well they understand you and your requirements, and how well you understand them and their abilities as well. It does not always just come down […]

Is an MVP implementation the right approach for me and my digital project?

With the emergence of Agile as the preferred methodology for most software implementation projects in the non-profit sector, one of the more common early discussions we have with clients who are planning a digital project is now around Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Specifically, the questions we get asked focus on “what is it?”, “what does […]

Minimising the risk of employee change fatigue

We all know that real change can ultimately only happen when employees adopt new processes, practices, systems, models. There is also a lively debate playing out, discussing whether the pandemic is a time to hang on to as much of your core as possible, bunker down and hope to ride it out, or whether now […]

12 reasons CRM projects succeed

There are studies, statistics, articles, reviews and infographics galore to tell us how many projects / IT projects / CRM projects fail every year. They may not all have a shared definition of failure or agree on the actual numbers, but the accepted narrative is certainly that a large number of technology projects fail. You’ve […]

High-level CRM principles to adopt

We often get asked by clients for some high-level principles they need to adopt to ensure they get the most out of the new CRM solution they intend to implement. The purpose of sharing them is usually to ensure that they can stay focused, maximise the benefit to be achieved from the product and solution, […]

Why you need a Data Strategy to power your CRM success

Back when Hart Square started out, data was largely seen as a by-product of a transaction, activity or process. Data collected during a process was stored in a CRM system (if not in Excel) and rarely used unless there was a need for a specific follow-up e.g. data collected during an event booking process was […]

The importance of employee engagement

What is employee engagement Employee engagement is a topic which has been high on our agendas for some time now, and the pandemic has further sharpened minds around the need to genuinely value and invest in our employees. To ensure we all know what we’re referring to though, let’s start with an explanation of what […]