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Why you need a Data Strategy to power your CRM success

Back when Hart Square started out, data was largely seen as a by-product of a transaction, activity or process. Data collected during a process was stored in a CRM system (if not in Excel) and rarely used unless there was a need for a specific follow-up e.g. data collected during an event booking process was […]

The importance of employee engagement

What is employee engagement Employee engagement is a topic which has been high on our agendas for some time now, and the pandemic has further sharpened minds around the need to genuinely value and invest in our employees. To ensure we all know what we’re referring to though, let’s start with an explanation of what […]

What’s the ‘value’ of CRM – and how can it help your membership body

Membership organisations today have moved on dramatically from where they were just a few years ago. Specifically, their expectations from technology have increased, as have the expectations of their members. Today, members want to receive communications that are tailored to their specific interests and needs, and to what is going to help them to do […]

People and processes come before technology

What’s driving your need for new technology? Technology underpins service delivery and must therefore be top of the list when planning a systems review. This is regardless of where current challenges lie in respect of delivery of strategic business objectives. It’s possible to read about the importance of investing in technology every day, of making […]

User adoption – overcoming inertia & achieving success

Inertia; Noun; a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged Inertia It’s something that operational staff at non-profits, charity and membership organisations alike, can suffer from. People generally don’t like change and can become very comfortable with the systems and processes they have in place. So when you’re trying to introduce change – as […]

Why we created our Definitive Guide to Salesforce for non-profits

At Hart Square we offer a wealth of services exclusively to non-profit clients and central among these is guidance and support if any are considering changing their technology. This covers a range of digital solutions, not the least of which is their CRM system. Hart Square’s advice is completely technology-agnostic We’re completely agnostic when it […]

Hart Square’s Definitive Guide to Salesforce for Non-Profits

At Hart Square we’re completely agnostic when it comes to the technology choices our non-profit clients make, but we’re deeply familiar with the options available to them. We spend a lot of time and effort researching the market and keeping in close touch with the many agencies who offer solutions to the sector. The research […]

Content Marketing isn’t just about content

Content marketing for non-profits and member based organisations Does your organisation publish content on LinkedIn? Do your members go to your website to lookup the latest article you created? Did you recently post your organisation’s latest news on Facebook? Is your organisation using Twitter or tumblr? Or Instagram? If you answered yes to any of […]

Disrupt or retreat? How to lead your non-profit out of the pandemic

Disruptive leadership has been a hot topic in the past few years, with the term coming to prominence as we searched for new approaches to help us navigate the digital age. The need to explore new methods of management and leadership, as well as the choice of term, reflect primarily on the incredible pace and […]

Time for a new kind of leadership

If ever there was a time to move forward from command-and-control style management to a world where leaders inspire their people and, in business terms, their teams then surely this is it. A cultural shift from management to leadership has been coming for some time, but let’s not just assume the reasons and benefits are […]