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8 ways to combat employee change fatigue

Real change can ultimately only happen when employees adopt new processes, practices, systems and models. But how can you keep your team motivated and combat employee change fatigue? Here are our top tips on combatting employee change fatigue: 1. Clearly define outcomes  Make sure your change initiatives have very clear and defined outcomes which you […]

Ep9. Preparing for technology go-live with Laura and Sarah-Jane

Laura and Sarah-Jane, Business Change Consultants at Hart Square discuss how to prepare for that all-important milestone, the technology go-live. Reflecting on their own experiences of go-lives, Laura and Sarah-Jane share advice on just how you can best prepare your organisations for a successful go-live.

Getting the board on board

You’ve identified the need for a change project, be that the implementation of a new CRM or digital solution, and you know the benefits it can bring. But how do get investment for the project? Building a strong business case is essential – it underpins all change projects. However, it is not enough to focus […]

A round-up of Hart Square Training Programme

In 2021, our experts here at Hart Square delivered two series of the Hart Square Training Programme: How to deliver successful projects. We created the training programme exclusively for non-profit organisations, to contribute to building digital and change capability. Discover the impact of the Hart Square Training Programme in the infographic below. Are you looking […]

Guide to getting started with a podcast

Podcasts are a great way to consume information, discover new insights and to ultimately feel connected to the topics and people you are listening to – that’s why 15.6 million people in the UK listened to podcasts in 2020!  This year at Hart Square, we wanted to build stronger connections with our audience and share our knowledge and insights in a whole new way … and so, considering all the above, the Hart Square Podcast was born!   […]

Series 1 finale – Hart Square Podcast

We have spent almost 12 years dedicated to the non-profit sector and this year we wanted to find new ways to share the range of valuable insights we have gathered over this time. As well as sharing our thoughts and perspectives about the current and future digital challenges existing in the non-profit sector, we wanted […]

6 top tips for deriving benefits after your technology go-live

After the hard work and investment, you need to ensure you’re getting value from your system and your project is delivering the benefits it’s supposed to. So here are our 6 top tips for deriving benefits after your technology go-live.  Download the 6 top tips for deriving benefits after your technology go-live   For further […]