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7 top tips for Preparing for Go-Live

The go-live date is the one eagerly anticipated date everyone in the project works hard towards. However, there are many go-live activities that need careful planning and preparation to ensure it is a success. Following the numerous go-live days we have supported, we have gathered our 7 top tips for preparing for go-live. 1. Share […]

Getting set up for success; planning for a post Go-Live world

At Hart Square, we have the great pleasure of working with our clients across the non-profit sector, delivering transformative technology projects which will support and enhance the experience of members, fundraisers, and beneficiaries as well as their employees. As we say regularly though, implementing new technology isn’t the objective of these projects, nor indeed is […]

What happens when it rains – is moving to the cloud always a good thing?

Throughout the last year, organisations and individuals have had to adapt to remote working and a reliance on online collaboration tools such as SharePoint, G-Suite, Slack and Dropbox. However, even before the pandemic struck, many organisations were moving their systems and information to the cloud. Against this backdrop, the question arises whether moving to the […]

10 Top Tips for running online workshops

Whether by necessity or design, to keep projects moving most of us are now in a place where we have to run online meetings and workshops. At Hart Square, we’ve now got 6 months’ experience of helping clients to gather requirements, review business processes, select new technology partners and implement new digital solutions in an […]

How can my organisation become digitally mature?

How can my organisation become digitally mature? At Hart Square, we have the privilege of working with a range of different organisations right across the non-profit sector. Recently many of them have been placing a strong emphasis on improving their digital capabilities and their all-round use of technology. Against this backdrop, one question arises regularly: […]

Is a digital strategy a thing of the past?

At Hart Square, we have a lot of conversations around digital strategy and digital transformation with clients across the NFP sector. As organisations continue to rapidly evolve their thinking in this area, one question keeps coming up again and again; is having a digital strategy an organisational necessity or should digital simply be integrated into […]

Ask the expert – Harriet Barker and Billy Peat, both Business Change Consultants

This month’s resident experts are Harriet Barker and Billy Peat, both Business Change Consultants at Hart Square. Billy has been delivering projects with HBF, the Children’s Society and Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) with Harriet working with Ben (charity for the automotive industry) and STEM Learning to name but a few. In this month’s “ask […]