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GDPR Statement


As a long standing provider of solutions developed & supported in the UK and specifically designed for the UK & European Not-for-Profit sector, 3Si have continually ensured that our OM.Net Application Suite has features to reassure 3Si clients could suitably manage their Data Protection Act obligations.

Cloud solution customers have always benefited from UK based data centres unlike some supplementary applications from Non-European secondary providers who may utilise data centres outside of the EU (for example cloud based Events software).

Fortunately, out-of-the-box, OM.Net already manages Contact Management, Email & SMS Marketing, Case/Activities, Membership, Events, Product Sales, Abstracts & Grants and Surveys all in one single database solution. Therefore our current clients do not have to manage and regulate multiple disparate data sources. The extensive security & auditing features of OM.Net, empower our clients super-users to have the ability to define who has access to what data with the power to interrogate the audit trail to ascertain who accessed the records, what changes have been made and when. Consequently one of the significant obligations of GDPR with regards managing your data and who has access to it is already governed with OM.Net.

In addition the OM.Net Web Tools already empower our client’s members, prospects, registrants, etc. to self-service on-line to keep their data up-to-date, opt in/out of communication channels and update preferences all of which are elements of GDPR.

In 2017, 3Si will be rolling out ‘GDPR toolkit’ features to all our clients in an OM.Net release. This will provide more granular opt in/out choices (with on-line self service via OM.Net Web Tools), auto-deselection on all data exports and Email/SMS marketing based on opt in/out choices, wider ranging clean-up & delete tools and improved management reporting for identifying inactive and decaying data.

All the above culminates to ensure that all 3Si’s current and future clients, who use OM.Net as their CRM software solution, have the appropriate tools to support their compliance with the new GDPR requirements that come in to force in May 2018.

For more information please contact Sarah Cotton scotton@3-si.com 01782 710450 www.3-si.com